the Land of Olive and Olive Oil where our products are derived from

Messinia, the Land of Olive and Olive Oil is an immense olive grove. The favorable climate, the sunshine, the small lot that allows each producer to care for each olive tree and pick up the produce just at the right degree of ripening, guarantees the excellent quality of the raw material.

The tradition of Messinia in the production of olive oil goes way back. It was in Messinia, in the Palace of Nestor in Pylos, where the word "olive" was written for the first time in Linear B writing, dating back to the 13th century BC.

During the Mycenaean period, the oil produced in Messinia was already one of the main products of the rural economy of the region. Both during the classical and the Hellenistic periods, oil production in the Peloponnese and Messinia showed a continuous increase.

In the 11th century, Koroni and Methoni became the ports from which the Italians exported significant quantities of olive oil to the West.

Three centuries later, Messinia became the first region of the Peloponnese known for its mass production of olive oil, while in the 15th century Koroni and Methoni were the largest commercial and export centers, strengthening the expansion of olive tree cultivation to the rest of Messinia.
In 1704, oil production in the venetian Messinia, amounted to 16,139 barrels (approximately 1,000 tons) compared to the 19,159 barrels of the Peloponnesian production as a whole. In the middle of the 18th century, many English and French merchants who traded oil settled in Koroni, Methoni and Navarino, proving that Peloponnesian oil exports were of interest to all Europeans.
Nowadays, Messinia is an immense olive grove with excellent oil exports worldwide, which is due to the ideal conditions of the place and to the centuries of experience that has been transferred from the older to the younger generations. A large proportion of the olive oil production in Messinia is certified as a product of geographical origin or PDO as well as organic. The whole of the standardized olive oil available to the company has the specific indications on the label.


A short video in Messinia where our production unit is located