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Petros Tsaglis S.A. company has had a long and successful run in the industry of olive oil. Since its establishment in 1989, the company has associated its services with factories situated both in Greece and outside of it, mainly in the countries of the European Union and USA. The expansion of the company’s activities to the standardization of olive oil is a natural consequence of a flourishing progression in the business world. 29 years of experience guarantee the continuous development of the structure and operation of the company, always compliant with the data on the market. ​The company has a quality standardization certificate according to the EN ISO 9001 AND 22000.

Located in Greece

Messinia, Southwest Peloponnese

Our facilities have storage capacity of 900 tonnes of olive oil and trades up to 7000 tonnes of olive per year. Our processes include palleting for safe and organised shipping of our products worldwide. We choose the best quality olive oil for our region.


Quality olive oil
from the land of Messinia

Olive oil from the best varieties of olives, in one of the most famous regions in Greece!

of our Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil from the best varieties of olives, in one of the most famous regions in Greece! You can contact us for any questions, orders or partnership. You can also find our products in USA.

More about
our activities

Tsaglis trades and standardizes high quality, extra virgin olive oil with the lowest acidic levels, not exceeding the 0.5 degrees. The company receives selected premium virgin olive oil from the local suppliers / partners network. Upon receiving and after weighing, the oil is temporarily stored in independent stainless steel tanks of high capacity. Storage tanks are of a suitable quality to ensure the quality of the olive oil until the standardization process begins. The tanks have a strict quality control system with daily indicator readings such as olive oil temperature in each tank and room temperature to maintain optimum product retention conditions. In addition, there is a traceability system, indicating the origin and location of each olive oil.
For the quality control of the olive oil, there is a lab, so that basic chemical analyses can be carried out, allowing the control of the product both on receipt and at the various stages of processing and standardization. The standardization of the olive oil is a key factor in securing the consumers’ trust on the authenticity and quality of the product. Branded, standard olive oils are carefully selected and strictly and steadily tested for their quality. These controls are a safety feature for consumers, always made on the basis of the specifications laid down by the European Olive Oil Regulation and, of course, based on the high standards set by the company while guaranteeing the unique character of the final product.

Our people

The main success factor are the associates and the producers, who are the main ingredient of success and trustworthiness of the company, enjoying the benefits and satisfaction from its long and exemplary run. Our core administrative staff consists of the following members: